Resonate Magazine (Australian Music Centre)

World New Music Days ISCM/ACL 2022, New Zealand. 7 February 2023.

A Latin American Adventure with an Australian Presence (Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia). 20 December 2022.

Pertout and Zappa: Exposiciones. 28 September 2020.

New music adventures in Russia, Central Asia and Indochina. 14 December 2018.

2018 Asian Composers League Festival and Conference in Taiwan. 15 November 2018.

A long-awaited expedition to Russia. 25 October 2017.

Standing room only in Chile - a report from home territory. 22 February 2017.

34th Asian Composers League Festival and Conference / 2nd ‘Asia-Europe’ New Music Festival, Vietnam. 13 December 2016.

33rd Asian Composers League Festival and Conference, Philippines. 21 December 2015.

International Forum of New Music, Mexico. 29 June 2015.

1st Asia-Europe New Music Festival & Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. 24 October 2014.

31st Asian Composers League Festival and Conference, Singapore. 7 November 2013.

30th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival in Israel. 26 November 2012.

29th Asian Composers' League Conference and Festival, Taiwan. 20 December 2011.

Festival Interamericano de las Artes and the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. 27 October 2011.

An Australian in Santiago de Chile: Andrián Pertout
. 15 December 2010.

Under Capricorn: MSO, Vic, 12.05.07. 31 July 2007.

classikON (Ambassador Thoughts)

Quercus Trio, superb! – Absolutely mesmerizing. Quercus Trio: Hall of Mirrors. Wednesday, 22 June, 2022, Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre.

In The Muses’ Delight – Beauty with an inner layer of complexity. The Muses’ Delight: Messengers for Elegant Society. Wednesday, 25 May, 2022, Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre

Holley’s ‘The Goodchild Canzonas’ a fitting tribute to a great musician. Lyrebird Brass: Top of the Food Chain: Bottom of the World. Monday, 28 March, 2022, Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre.

World premieres from Alan Holley and Melody Eötvös pay tribute to the Hendrix legacy. Ensemble Three: All Demons Run. March 22, 2022, Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre.

JUKE MAGAZINE (Syme Media Pty Ltd)

In 1992-1993 worked for 'Juke Magazine', interviewing: Mark Frederick (Alesis International Manager - Pacific) and Peter Gretch (Vintage Synths, Collector).

Also producing the new musical technology and instrument reviews: Tascam MSR Series Recorders & M3700 Series Automated Consoles, Sony's DAT Recorders, Korg's 03R/W & Wavestation SR, Music for your IBM & Mac and John Ialuna (Audio Production MIDI Sequences).

MIXDOWN (Beat Magazine Pty Ltd) In 1995 started working for 'Mixdown', interviewing: Tommy Emmanuel, Craig Rosevear (The Screaming Jets), Joe Camilleri, Ottmar Liebert (Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra), Little Charlie Baty (Little Charlie & the Nightcats), Charlie Chan, Jimmie Vaughan, Herbie Hancock, Simon Patterson, Slava Grigoryan, Karin Schaupp, Dave Weckl, Sarah McKeown (Rock n’ Roll Highschool), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), Mark Snow, Marcel Yammouni, Peter Hardman (Effigy), Mike Stern, Colin Buchanan, Igor Cavalera & Derrick Green (Sepultura), Paco Peña, Steve Knightley (Show Of Hands), Vinx (Jungle Funk), Simon Nicol (Fairport Convention), Ross Robinson, Ross Hannaford & Jex Saarelaht (Dianna Kiss), Steve Reich, Geoff Achison, Rick Price, Greg Williams, Neville Hill & David McCluney (Splurge), Connie Mitchell & Jamie Fonti (Primary), Nicky Bomba (Bomba), Nick Tongue, Tom Coster (Vital Information), Adam Lester, Rob James (, Shawn Crahan (Slipknot), Jorge Coulon (Inti-Illimani), Isabel Parra, Rebecca Barnard & Shane O’Mara (Rebeccas Empire), Robert Flynn (Machine Head), Tom Chiu (Flux Quartet), Alf Clausen, Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt, Steve Vai, José Feliciano, Johnny Klimek, Craig Horne, Neil Murray, Bruce Jackson, Joe Satriani, Nick Wilson, Craig Tugwell (The Beatals), Philip & Angela O’Brien (U.R.), Joe Zawinul, Jimmy Barnes, Bill Evans, Janis Ian, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Alex Pertout, Chad Wackerman, Darren Grahn, Garry Gary Beers (INXS), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL).

Producing the articles: The MIDI Revolution, The Second Hand Saga, The Ultimate Drummer’s Day ’98, True Confessions of a Mixdown Writer, Anthony Bell (Belman Guitars), Paco Peña: Flamenco Passion, Music Hire Pty Ltd: Quality and Technology, Gregg Bissonette: Golden Drummer, Jason Olim: CDnow ‘The Internet’s Number One Music Store’, Jands Electronics: The Recording Products Showcase, Kadri Gopalnath: India’s Saxophone Virtuoso, AUSMUSIC Week: 23rd - 29th November 1998, Big Day Out: Australia Day (Melbourne RAS Showgrounds), Duende: The Heat of Hispanic Groove, Big Night Out: Ariel, the Kevin Borich Express and Chain, WOMADELAIDE ’99: Sounds of the Planet, Studio 52: The Musician’s Studio, Extraordinary Music: The Melbourne Fringe Festival, Synergy Percussion: Drumming and Victor Bailey: Lowblow.

Producing the 'World Sounds' page, interviewing: Alejandro Vargas (Apurima), Le Tuan Hung (Le Tuan Hung & Dang Kim Hien), Roberto Marquez Bugueño (Illapu), Reinhard Flatischler, Ramnath Iyer (Veena Melodies), Irene Vela (The Habibis), David Marama (Musiki Manjaro), Passi Jo, Gustavo Alfonso Garcés (Mumbo Jumbo), Kavisha Mazzella, Chitravina N. Ravikiran, Nick Randall, Don Stewart (Dalriada), Victor ‘Catrileo’ Ricardo (Victor Ricardo y La Mezcla Rara), Hossam Ramzy, Mark Levine, Henk Postma, Lisa Young & Sue Johnson (Coco’s Lunch), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Karaikudi R. Mani, T.V. Vaasan & Srirangam S. Kannan, Gareth Koch, John Norton, Jorge Gonzales, Alex Pertout, Alejandro Arellano, Jaime Carrasco (Inka Marka), Adam Plack (Nomad), Andrew MacGregor, Bob Brozman, Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt, Joshua Redman, Siamak Noory, Max Cavalera, Keb' Mo' and Steve Tallis, as well as featuring the articles: Passi Jo: With the Best of Paris as Kass Kass Man, The Accordion, Vladimir Kocibelli: My Feelings, The Sitar, Greg Jordan: A Return to the Celtic Heartland, The Mbira, The Batá Drums, The Saz, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: The Brightest Star in Qawwali, Dmitri Pokrovsky: The Wild Field, The Zampoña, Riley Lee: Shakuhachi, World Music Network: The Rough Guide to World Music, The Darabukka, Sheila Chandra: AboneCroneDrone, Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau & Afrisa International Orchestra: Babeti Soukous, The Xylophone, Mark Levine: One Notch Up, Preto e Branco: Verde, The Ocarina, Welcome to the Real World of Peter Gabriel, The Tabla, The Rough Guide to the Music of India and Pakistan, The Rough Guide to the Music of North Africa, Steve Leslie: Zen in the Art of Singing, Totó La Momposina y sus Tambores: La Candela Viva, Matt Molloy: Music at Matt Molloy’s, The Bonang, The Rough Guide to the Music of Latin America, Farinelli: Il Castrato, The Sheng and The Jew's Harp, The Suyá of Brazil and The Kaluli of Papau New Guinea, Chilean Music in Australia, Flamenco & Spanish Piano Music, The Mbuti of the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Temiar of Malaysia, Tuning Systems: Harry Partch (1901-1974) and Manuel de Falla: The Composer.

Producing the CD, CD-ROM and book reviews: Stuff Smith: For Ornamental Purposes Only, 21-20: An Audible Manifestation of an Abstract Concept, Tightrope: Toein’ the Line, Darren Wilson: Under A Watchful Eye, Al Smith: Three Day Wonder, Moore Music: Soft Concert CD-Rom, Alfred Publishing: Guitropolis, Going Digital: A Musician’s Guide to Technology, CPM Keyboard: Contemporary Popular Music Course, The Matt Corcoran Band: Angry Young Man, Bootsy Collins: Fresh Outta ‘P’ University, Mike Stern: Give and Take, Stewart Peters: Back on the Ocean Again, Jazzology 2: Special Australian Jazz Sampler from ABC Jazz, Jimi ‘The Human’ Hockin: Standard Bohemian, Waldo Fabian: Loco, Industrial Monk: Magnificat and Al Di Meola: Infinite Desire, Rocking in the Real World: An Introduction to the Music Industry in Australia, Greg Jordan: Size 10 Soul, AUSMUSIC Week ’98: Our Music… Our Say, Circushead: Crockery Smashing, Mordi: Watch My Mammals Hunt, Fish: Kettle of Fish, Queens of the Stone Age: Self-titled, Manu Dibango: Manu Safari, Tear: So Naïve, Morgana: Have You Heard the News Today?, Alfred Rock Keyboard: For Beginners, Alfred Rock Keyboard: Learn from the Legends, Alfred Teach Yourself to Play Like a Pro: At the Keyboard Opaque: Self-titled, The Alice: Don’t Shy Away, The Hornets: Everybody’s Guilty, Andy Cowan: Train I’m On, Mark Levine: The Jazz Piano Book, Rock Keyboard, Blues Keyboard, Jazz Keyboard, Polyester: Other People, AMEB Piano Syllabus: Series 14 Grade Books, Mark Levine: The Jazz Theory Book, Mico: Self-titled, Jim Kelly: The Dominant Seventh Chord and then The Blues, World Music – The Rough Guide to Africa, Europe and the Middle East: An A-Z of the Music, Musicians and Discs, Caramelle: Self-titled, Chris Gilbey: The Infinite Digital Jukebox and Masa Sumidé: Cool Exposure.

Also producing the musical technology and instrument reviews: Tascam DR-45HR 24-bit DAT Recorder, Tascam CD-RW5000 Compact Disc Recorder, Tascam CD-D4000 Professional CD Duplicator, Casio CTK811EX synthesizer, Nord Micro Modular programmable modular synthesizer, Nord Modular programmable modular synthesizer, Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Processor, Nord Modular: V3.03 Software for Mac and PC, Frostwave Filter, Forstwave Ring Mudulator, Frostwave Funk-A-Duck and Zoom GM-200 Guitar Amp Modeler, Nord Lead 3 Performance Synthesizer and Zoom MRS-1266 Multitrack Recording Studio.

AUSTRALIAN MUSICIAN (Australian Music Association)

In 1996 started working for 'Australian Musician', interviewing: Hossam Ramzy, Joe Camilleri & Ian Chaplin, Reinhard Flatischler, Geoff Achison, Mark Levine, Damian Pratt (Violetine), Alex Pertout, Peter Hardman (Effigy), Ross Robinson, Andreas Kisser, Silvio Gomez & Nino Notaro (Sepultura), Melissa Etheridge, Joshua Redman, Daniel Jones, Colin Ellis & Bruce Ramus (Savage Garden), Adam Plack (Nomad), Martin Lee (The Boat Show), Chong Lim, Shawn Mullins, The Reverend (Pound System) and Liam Finn.

Producing the articles: 'World Music in Melbourne' featuring interviews with Irene Vela (The Habibis), David Marama (Musiki Manjaro), Ramnath Iyer (Veena Melodies), Le Tuan Hung (Le Tuan Hung & Dang Kim Hien) and Alejandro Vargas (Apurima), 'Synthesizer Technology' featuring interviews with Ian Bush (Australis Music Group/Akai), Dug Browne (The Electric Factory/Alesis), Kirrily Hoscher (Mobex/Casio), Chris Anthony (Generalmusic USA), Peter Gunn (Kawai Australia), John Grant (Music Link Australia/Korg), Alastair Haughton (Music Technology/Kurzweil), Ray Jones (Ibis Manufacturing/Clavia), Ian Jannaway (Novation Electronic Music Systems UK), Marc Allen (Roland Australia), Warrick Gould (Panasonic Australia/Technics) and Christopher Steller (Yamaha Australia).

Producing the 'Exposed' page, interviewing: David Hosking, Anita Monk (Crazy Diamond), Damion Jones (Requiem), Jo Jo Leslie, Tim Henwood (Plasticine), John Pin, Rusty 'Russell' Brown (Mr Brown), Anthony Argiro (Halfman Wolfhorse), Bo Jenkins, Kraig Wilson (Dogmachine), Tim Robinson, Frank Lang (Hoy-Hoy!), Baterz (The Bedridden), Don Stewart (Dalriada), Alfredo Malabello (Beggarman), Matt Sargeant (Dashboard), Matt Corcoran (The Matt Corcoran Band), Gairden  Cook, Brook Thomson, Dave Byham (Jens Cross), Greg Jordan, Heather Frahn (The Heather Frahn Band), Al Smith (Harry Smith), Juke (Plunge), Kurt Austin (Orange), David Chesworth (David Chesworth Ensemble), Phil & Angela O’Brien (Tear), Inga Lijestrom (Inga), John Ballard (WeeVe), Christian Maucéry, Felix Hamer, Terry O’Reilly (Cream of Tartar), James Fletcher (The Fantastic Leslie), Steve Tallis, Ron Kingston, Peter Soultan (The Yard), Andrián Whitehead & Damian Holland (The Trims), Peter Harper (Harper), Nick Charles, Bruce Mathiske, Karen Strahan (Sweet Mischief), Mark Hilton, Craig McDonald, Parissa Bouas & Carl Cleves (The Hottentots), Kylie Cowling & Craig Lewis (Kaleidoscope), Paul Mitchell (Nevertold), Dallas Cosmas (Dallas Cosmas & Astrolab), Bohdan Dower (Zenyth), Mark Elliot, Drew (GTO), Lamar Lowder (Jerk), Ivan Bertolla, Siamak Noory and Erik Parsons & Vanessa Toholka (Canopy).

Also producing the musical technology reviews: Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO, Digitech Vocalist Performer, Hammond Suzuki XK-2 Drawbar Keyboard, Novation Supernova II Polyphonic Synthesiser Keyboard, Petrof Pianos and Casio PS-20 Digital Piano and Soundcraft Compact 4 Mixer.

ON THE STREET MELBOURNE (On the Street, Melbourne Pty Ltd)

In 1996 worked for 'On the Street Melbourne', interviewing: Linda Perry, Sean Miljoen (Violetine), Neil Murray and Vika & Linda Bull (Vika & Linda).

MUSIC TRADER (The National Trading Post Pty Ltd)

In 1997 produced the article 'Welcome to the Real World of Peter Gabriel' for 'Music Trader', which included a short history of Real World Records, as well as a selection of their artists: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, Sheila Chandra, Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau & Afrisa International Orchestra, Matt Molloy and Totó La Momposina y sus Tambores.

THE SPANISH HERALD (Ethnic Association of Australia)

In 1997 conducted an interview in Spanish with Chilean band Illapu, and produced the article 'Illapu: Los Emisarios Chilenos' for 'The Spanish Herald'.

DRUM SCENE (Musos Publications Pty Ltd)

In 1997 conducted an interview with Hossam Ramzy, and produced the article 'Hossam Ramzy: The Sultan of Swing' for 'Drum Scene'.

MUSIC TRADER ONLINE (The National Trading Post Pty Ltd)

In 1998 started working for 'Music Trader Online', interviewing: Chong Lim.

Also producing the article 'Synths of the 90s', which included a short history of the Korg, Roland and Yamaha Corporations, as well as interviews with Australian representatives (John Grant, Marc Allen and Christopher Steller).

BEAT MAGAZINE (Beat Magazine Pty Ltd)

In 1998 started working for 'Beat Magazine', interviewing Steve (Mordi), Jeremy Gronow (Idiot Son), Paco Peña, Connie Mitchell & Jamie Fonti (Primary) Nicky Bomba (Bomba), Rick Hammond (Loki), Neil Murray, Craig Horne, Joe Satriani, Bill Evans, Bob Brozman, Janis Ian, Frank Sita, Keb' Mo' and James Morrison, as well as producing the CD reviews: Stuff Smith: For Ornamental Purposes Only, Manu Dibango: Manu Safari, The Alice: Don’t Shy Away, Andy Cowan: Train I’m On, Carlos Santana: Supernatural, Splurge: self-titled and Dallas Cosmas & Astrolab: Walking Home.

3RD (The Boîte Vic Inc)

In 1998 conducted an interview with Passi Jo, and produced the article 'Passi Jo: Les Hommes Voltigeurs' for the '3rd'

METAL SHOP ONLINE (Roadrunner Records)

In 1999 started working for Metal Shop Online producing the CD reviews: J-Tull: Dot Com, Marty Firedman: Dragon’s Kiss, Tony Macalpine: Evolution, Carnivore: Retaliation, Front Line Assembly: Gashed Senses and Crossfire, Brujeria: Raza Odiada, Dog Eat Dog: Amped, Smoke on the Water: A Tribute, Tales from Yesterday: AView from the South Side of the Sky, and Magna Carta: To Cry You a Song/A Collection of Tull Tales.

SUNDAY HERALD SUN (Herald & Weekly Times Ltd)

In 1999 conducted an interview with Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt, and produced the article 'Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt: The New Masters of Rhythms' for the 'Look Hear' entertainment section of the Sunday Herald Sun.


Bob Brozman
Tom Coster
Dino Cazares
Tom Chiu
Alf Clausen
Melissa Etheridge
Bill Evans
Simon Nicol
José Feliciano 
Reinhard Flatischler
Darren Grahn
Herbie Hancock

Janis Ian 

Roberto Marquez Bugueño

Jorge Coulon

Bruce Jackson
Junkie XL

Karaikudi R. Mani

Johnny Klimek

Mark Levine
Robert Flynn
David Ellefson
Keb' Mo'

Shawn Mullins
Ottmar Liebert
Little Charlie Baty
Isabel Parra

Paco Peña

Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt

Linda Perry

Henk Postma
Hossam Ramzy

Chitravina N. Ravikiran

Josua Redman
Steve Reich
Ross Robinson
Joe Satriani
Igor Cavalera & Derrick Green

Andreas Kisser

Steve Knightley
Shawn Crahan
Mark Snow
Mike Stern

Steve Vai

Jimmie Vaughan
Rick Wakeman

Dave Weckl
Joe Zawinul
Bob Brozman: Resonance
Tom Coster: Return to 'Europa'
Fear Factory: Obsolete
Flux Quartet: The New Faces of New Music
Alf Clausen: The Simpsons
Melissa Etheridge: Breakdown
Bill Evans: Soul Insider
Fairport Convention: Who Knows where the Time Goes?
José Feliciano: The Making of a Legend
Reinhard Flatischler: The Forgotten Power of Rhythm
Darren Grahn: How to Get a Job with Metallica
Herbie Hancock: The New Standard
Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man
Janis Ian: God and the FBI
Illapu: The Chilean Emissaries
Illapu: Los Emisarios Chilenos
Inti-Illimani: Chilean Folk Legends
Jungle Funk: It's a Groove Thang!
Bruce Jackson: Sonic Guru
Junkie XL: A Broadcast from Computer Hell Cabin

Karaikudi R. Mani: Mridangam Maestro
Karaikudi R. Mani: The Morsing
Johnny Klimek: Run Lola Run
Mark Levine: One Notch Up
Machine Head: The Burning Red
Megadeth: The World Needs a Hero
Keb' Mo': Big Wide Grin

Shawn Mullins: Beneath the Velvet Sun
Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra: OPIUM
Little Charlie & the Nightcats: Straight Up!
Isabel Parra: Chilean Folk Songstress
Paco Peña: The Art of Flamenco
Paco Peña: Beyond the Frets of Mortla Man
Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt: New Cuban Masters
Tony Pérez & Ramces Baralt: The New Masters of Rhythms
Linda Perry: Non-Blonde No Longer
Henk Postma: The Jew's Harp in the Netherlands
Hossam Ramzy: Source of Fire
Hossam Ramzy: The Sultan of Swing
Chiravina N. Ravikiran: The Crown Prince of Carnatic Music
Joshua Redman: Beyond
Steve Reich: The Father of 'DJ Culture'
Ross Robinson: The Art of a Record Producer
Joe Satriani: Engines of Creation
Sepultura: Against
Sepultura: Igor Cavalera
Sepultura: Sound Check with Sepultura
Show of Hands: World Music from the West Country
Slipknot: F..k It All!
Mark Snow: The X-Files
Mike Stern: Give and Take
Mike Stern: Jazzman
Steve Vai: Fire Garden
Steve Vai: Fire Garden World Tour
Steve Vai: The Guitar Hero
Jimmie Vaughan: A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rick Wakeman: Return to the Centre of the Earth

Dave Weckl: Rhythm of the Soul
Joe Zawinul: Jazz Icon.

Geoff Achison

Anthony Argiro

Jimmy Barnes
Joe Camilleri

Charlie Chan

Chilean Music in Australia

Lisa Young & Sue Johnson
Peter Hardman

Tommy Emmanuel

Gustavo Alfonso Garcés

Slava Grigoryan
Garry Gary Beers

Kavisha Mazzella
Gareth Koch
Chong Lim

Andrew MacGregor
James Morrison

Neil Murray

Adam Plack
Siamak Noory

Passi Jo
Simon Patterson
Alex Pertout

Daniel Jones

Karin Schaupp

Craig Rosevear

Philip & Angela O’Brien
Vika & Linda
World Music in Melbourne

Geoff Achison
: Mystery Train

Geoff Achison: The Bluesman
Anthony Argiro: Halfman Wolfhorse
Jimmy Barnes: Soul Deepper
Joe Camilleri: All Saints Hotel
Joe Camilleri & Ian Chaplin: Jazzhead
Charlie Chan: East & West
Charlie Chan: Wild Swans
Chilean Music in Australia: Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
Coco's Lunch: The High Priestesses of Voice
Effigy: Century Collapsing

Phil & Tommy Emmanuel: Terra Firma
Tommy Emmanuel: Classical Gas
Tommy Emmanuel: Only
Gustavo Alfonso Garcés: Mumbo Jumbo
Slava Grigoryan: Dance of the Angel
INXS: The Years 1979-1987

Kavisha Mazzella: Fisherman’s Daughter
Gareth Koch: Journey to the Otherworld
Chong Lim: Production in the 90s

Chong Lim: A Composed Olympian
Andrew MacGregor: Four Shakuhachi Meditations
James Morrison: So Far So Good
Neil Murray: Back from the Bush

Neil Murray: The Wondering Kind
Nomad: Songman
Siamak Noory: The Persian Santurist

Passi Jo: Les Hommes Voltigeurs
Simon Patterson: Hey Hey It’s Simon Patterson
Alex Pertout: The Percussionist
Alex Pertout: From the Heart
Savage Garden: Sound Check with Savage Garden
Karin Schaupp: Leyenda
Karin Schaupp: Evocation
The Screaming Jets: Craig Rosevear
U.R.: Stop the World
Vika & Linda: Inspired by Fairytales
World Music in Melbourne: Melbourne's World Music Scene


Carlo Broschi
Henry Cowell and Harry Partch
Peter Gabriel
Greg Jordan

Riley Lee

Rainforest Societies

World Music Network

World Sounds
Farinelli: Il Castratohe Real World of Peter Gabriel
Cowell and Partch: The Semiotic Codes of Two Twentieth Century Composers
Peter Gabriel: Welcome to the Real World of Peter Gabriel  
Greg Jordan: A Return to the Celtic Heartland
Greg Jordan: Size 10 Soul
Riley Lee: Shakuhachi
The Suyá of Brazil
The Kaluli of Papua New Guinea
The Mbuti of the Democratic Republic of Congo
The Temiar of Malaysia
World Music Network: The Rough Guides to World Music
World Sounds: Instruments of the World

Peter Gretch
The MIDI Revolution
Synths of the 90s
Synthesizer Technology
Vintage Synths: Peter Gretch, Collector
The MIDI Revolution: The MIDI Story
Synths of the 90s: Korg, Roland & Yamaha
Synthesizer Technology: Where it's at Worldwide, June 1998

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