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Anthony Argiro: Halfman Wolfhorse

Halfman Wolfhorse

Anthony Argiro is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a visual artist incorporating sculpture and illustration.  In the 80s his drumming talents infiltrated the airwaves with pop outfits the ‘Asthmatics’ and ‘Pseudo Echo’, and in the 90s returned to capture the limelight with rock trio ‘Red Textas’. ‘Halfman Wolfhorse’ is his first solo album, and is a collection of original tunes inspired by his vivid sense of poetry.

“It’s really an experience on feel,” Argiro states, “And I wanted to try and get the inner expression across with the little bit of playing that I have on guitar and other instruments.”  He continues, “It’s like a journey really, my first journey.  I come from the eighties, so I guess it has that sort of flavour, you call it ‘ultra dag’.  It’s very passionate and very raw, and it’s a bit of a naïve album with an enchanted lyrical approach, I’m really into telling stories.”

“Well, being honest, my dreams and aspirations were to end up playing at Carnegie Hall (laughs),” Argiro says in jest, as to his hopes for the album.  “No, no, no, my dream was to see if I could get a bit of confidence to do my next recording.  It was really a new beginning for me, and to see if I could do it.”

The biggest dilemma that a musician faces in his career is the next important phase following the creative processes, and these are the marketing processes.  The ethical issues of ‘art for sale’ plague many an artist.  “Well, I have been to some trash and treasure markets, and I approached Myers with the concept of selling six CDs as a set of beer coasters (laughs),” he jokes of his marketing output.  “No, I haven’t promoted it at all.  I believe that a lot of people will not understand it or get the message.  I mainly give it away, and I get feedback from that.”

“At the moment I’m concentrating on actually building a base from where I can record for the next few years,” says Argiro of his current activities.  “I’m trying to create a studio, and the environment where I’m going to put the next ideas down.  I’ve got enough material to do another ten albums, but I need a place where I’m gonna be able to do it at my own leisure, without pressure.”

‘Halfman Wolfhorse’ distributed by Anthony Argiro.  Tel: (0418) 990 060.


'Australian Musician' ~ Issue 14, Winter, June 1, 1998


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